We are a proud USA dealer of Hemr leather picks and guitar straps. Leather picks produce a unique sound when played on nylon string instruments. We offer two series - Bronze and Platinum. Bronze Collection offers a selection of leather picks in 2.5mm natural and 4mm Bull picks in black, brown, cognac, and red. These picks are a great starter for the leather pick novice.

The Platinum Collection offers the same selection of picks as the Bronze Collection, but much care is taken to get the most out the playing experience and it adds longevity as well. Each pick is hand-sanded, impregnated, and wax-polished for maximum results. In addition, we offer two more special picks in this collection: Rawhide Silver in 0.7-1.5mm and Rawhide Gold in 1.5-2.5mm. These picks mostly resemble turtle shell picks.

Other leather picks exist, but we Hemr is the only producer in hand-made leather picks.

Ask your local music store for Hemr picks. If you are an interested retailer, drop us a line on our contact form.