Price: $450

Although this guitar is not an original creation, it deserves a spot in the gallery. It is a Japanese made SG copy. It does have some diferences though. The body is a bit thinner, and the neck profile is somwhat of a mediu D with a thicker than usual headstock. It came to me in a sad shape with much to be fixed. The leveled frets are original, but with good amount of life left. The guitar has a new mint green pick guard with a Suhr DHS+ humbucker, single volume control, matching truss rod cover, new ABR style bridge with conversion studs, and plenty of wear. Sounds great, and plays easy once you get used to the dot inlay an dthe lack of side dots. The neck has a StewMac shim, and the trem arm is long lost. Comes in an original case, which is more for looks than protection. Great player, if you like SGs and vintage japanese guitars.