April 1, 2023

A high-powered dirtmaker!

The 80s is the new…Idk…now?Here is our first actual distortion pedal. This original schematic is inspired by the 80s metal bands that we all love. The medium to high gain distortion is achieved by a pair of op amps. A buffer feeds into an two inverting gain stages with asymetric LED clipping and resolves into a one knob active inverting tone stage. As a result, you get a brutal sound with enough clarity to cut through nearly any mix. The output section has enough power to keep up with your volume needs even with the most conservative settings. This tru bypass pedal accepts a 9-V battery or a standard, center-negative 9VDC pedal powr supply.

Oh, and if you ever wnated to know what the most metal animal is, wonder no more!

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