Our speciality is creating instruments that play and look great. The most popular designs include relic guitars featuring tops made out of reclaimed cigar boxes. It may not make you a smoking fast player, but you will certainly turn heads with one of these original guitars.

The tone comes mainly from proven, high quality woods. In addition, we use great hardware, and world-class pickups - most of them hand-wound by Rob Timmons at Arcane, Inc. We understand that when it comes to a guitar selection, you have nearly unlimited possibilities. But if you want a truly unique instrument, Messiah might just be the right choice for you.

Our guitars are made to order. You decide if you want us to make design decisions or if you want to be involved in every step of the build.

We have also ventured into the realm of making custom hamd-wired tube amplifiers and guitar pedals. Follow us on Instagram @messiah_guitars to keep up to date with our latest creations.

Some finished models are available directly from us, or at Impulse Music Company in Canyon Country, CA. Drop us a line, we can custom make your dream instrument.

Eddie Boostdrive Blackout Edition


But not to worry, the Standard Edition in slick matte army green finish is now in stock!


No words, just music.

The very talented RJ Ronquillo demonstrates the vast possibilities that this pedal offers. Check his amazing channel for this playthrough and other videos as well. You won't regret it.

Eddie BoostDrive Blackout Edition

Available for preorder

The long-awaited pedal is now available for pre-order. A limited edition of 151 will be produced on first come, first serve basis.

EDDIE BOOSTDRIVE will be available soon

A year in the making

I am honored to announce that after a year of developing, a new pedal that is finally ready! I have worked closely with an excellent guitarist and a friend Eddie Haddad on his signature drive pedal. Stay tuned for release information.

EDDIE BOOSTDRIVE is a dual pedal containing two separate effects - a one knob MOSFET booster, and a soft-clipped drive pedal with a 3-band EQ. The pedal also features a mode switch allowing a selection of wither silicon diode clipping for a traditional compressed overdrive and LED clipping for a more open, amp-like tone. The drive section also offers a tight switch, that eliminates some of the bottom end from the input signal to help you cut through the mix. More headroom is provided by an internal charge pump that runs the pedal at 18V, while being powered by a standard 9V pedal power supply. The EQ alone lets the drive emulate many sounds reminiscent of other favored overdrive pedals. The booster is a straight through, transparent booster that works great on its own. Since it's placed before the drive in the chain, using it at the same time as the drive can bring the drive to a moderately heavy distortion territory. The foot switches are illuminated to let you know when your effects are on. In addition, the drive switch will change illumination color according to which mode is selected. The pedal is a true bypass, using a pair of optocouplers to isolate the LED lights for a switch click reduction.

Although this pedal can't guarantee that you will become a better guitar player, it will surely maje the process more fun!

WARNING: I can't stress this enough: The pedal has an internal, sensitive circuitry to run it on 18V. All you have to do is to plug in any standard 9VDC power supply to run it. In fact, if you decide to plug on a higher voltage source, it will cause permanent damage that we are not responsible for.

Here is a peek at Eddie's pedigree, so you can be assured that this drive has been endorsed by a venerable player:

Eddie Haddad is a professional performing and session guitarist of nearly two decades. He has toured across the US and internationally, sharing the stage with the late, legendary artist Eddie Money, performing alongside the likes of Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Hank Williams Jr, Modern English, Flock of Seagulls and more.

He has recorded in iconic studios as a session guitarist, performed on national television and appeared on multiple TV shows. In addition to playing professionally, he has 15+ years of teaching guitar, and is currently an instructor of the Guitar Mastery Method online community.

Eddie is also a self-professed gear addict, always sharing his enthusiasm for finding ways to shape and improve guitar tone whether playing live or in the studio.

CHAINSAW - metalstortion

The 80s is the new...Idk...now?

Here is our first actual distortion pedal. This original schematic is inspired by the 80s metal bands that we all love. The medium to high gain distortion is achieved by a pair of op amps. A buffer feeds into an two inverting gain stages with asymetric LED clipping and resolves into a one knob active inverting tone stage. As a result, you get a brutal sound with enough clarity to cut through nearly any mix. The output section has enough power to keep up with your volume needs even with the most conservative settings. This tru bypass pedal accepts a 9-V battery or a standard, center-negative 9VDC pedal powr supply.

Oh, and if you ever wnated to know what the most metal animal is, wonder no more!

Morgenmuffel Fuzz - fuzzstortion

A high-powered dirtmaker!

There is a new kid on the block. This original circuit offers a variety of tones from mild overdrive to a full-pleged fuzz.

The controls include an CHOKE - an inpuot attenuator, BOOST - offering the amount of gain, MOOD - a Big Muff style tone circuit, anf LEVEL offering a great amount of output level, even with the most modest gain settings. A mode swicth adds an LED hard clipping to smooth out the prominent presence. The foot switch is illuminated and changes color according to mode setting selected. The pedal is true bypass.

The fuzz circuit starts with a preamp section, feeds into

A demo is coming soon as well as availibulity in the shop.


Now with an 18V Booster.

I have produced a handful of these. As the title says, it features an 18V, on knob booster for added headroom. This pedal is otherwise identical to the standard version. If you prefer a messier ringer with the booster engaged, use the standard version instead. The same booster cisrcuit is going to be featired in the upcoming EDDIE BOOSTDRIVE.


Now with PNP transistors

Here is an updated version of this pedal. The new version offers the same circuit, but now featturing hand-picked, vintage PNP transistors allowing for a wider components selection, and resulting in less background noise. The pedal features an internal circuitry allowing sharing a power supply with a negative ground, which is often not the case with PNP fuzzes. Use a 9V battery or a standard, center-negative 9VDC pedal power supply.

Messiah Guitars vat Maťo Mišík's Guitar Armory is live!

My pedals are put through the test.

I visited Maťo Mišík's Guitar Armory, and we put six of my pedals through the test. The episode can be foundHERE

Messiah Pedals on Mato Misik's Kytarova Zbrojnice!

Sunday, September 18th, 2022

The new episode will be out on the above date at 5PM Prague time.

Messiah pedals visit Mato Misik and his YouTube channel

All current pedals get a thorough test.

I had the pleasure of spending a day in Mato Misik's studio in Prague. We put all of my pedals through the test. The episode of his Guitar Armory will be published in September on his YouTube channel in Czech language - but it will be fun to watch for anyone!

Flare - ringboost

MOSFET booster and moded Green Ringer

This dual pedal offers a single control booster and a tweaked Green Ringer featuring tone and level controls.

Billy - overdrive

Transparent overdrive with three clipping options

This overdrive is based on the likes of Timmy and Jan Ray. It offers a 2-way EQ, with the bass being placed pre-gain. An internal trimpot can adjust the balance between bass and treble being send to the gain stage. Soft clipping options offer silicon and germanium, diodes and vintage germanium transistors.

The Imp available for pre-order at Impulse Music Co.

15W 1x12" combo or a head

We are ready to accept orders on this Impulse Music Co. exclusive. It's a feature-packed little tube amp! The clean channel offers volume and tone, while the boost channel features gain, treble, middle, bass, and volume. Of course that there is a Master volume as well. On the rear of the chassis, you will find a serial loop, a regulated auxillary input, a line output paired with a speaker kill switch, and a remote jack for channel switching. Come and play it at the store! The current price is $1,899 for the head and $2,199 for the combo.

Three new fuzzes are born

Available for pre-order

The three new pedals are: Rocket - a fuzzboost; Quiggly - an octofuzz; and Dandelion - a fuzzdrive (Is it fuzz? Is it a drive? You decide!).

There will be a head

The Imp combo or head?

In addition to our 15W 1x12" combo, we are releasing The Imp in a head format as well. use your favorite 8 Ohm cabinet, or get a matching one from us.

The Imp - Impulse Music Co. exclusive

The new amp is born

After experimenting with a class A amp, we have decided to push the game further into a more modern configuration and efficient power with a class A/B set up with two EL84 in the power section. The amp is in its final testing stages awaiting delivery to the store.

New pedals in the works

Fuzz, fuzz, and more fuzz...

We are stepping up the pedal game development. Three new fuzzes are in development, all different topologies to fit most players desires.

New Atomic guitar model coming up soon!

60s? 70s? Japan? Europe?

Inspiration from the past prompted a new model. It will come as soon as we get the new amps sorted.

New small amp development for Impulse Music Co.

An Impulse Music Co. exclusive

We are currently working on development of a small combo amp with Impulse Music Co, in Canyon Country, California. The market demands that we downsize the amp while retaining key features. Stay tuned.

New partnership with wood suppliers

Wood, wood, and more wood.

We have partnered with a new tone wood supplier. Our selection of body, neck, and fretboard woods has reached a new level.

New shop in progress

Guitars, amps, pedal...

A new shop is in progress. The goal is to create a new environment for development of new instruments and circuits.

The Messiah Tempest 50W head is ready

The new amp is ready for order!

Get this new hand-wired head! It's a very flexible amp with crystal clear clean channel with three voicings. These settings are especially useful if you like to use fuzz pedals through the front of the amp. The BOOST channel offers sensitivity, saturation, fat, and plexi (the infamous C45) switches. Both channels feature preamp/gain, volume, bass, treble, middle. Presence and resonance are located on the back as well as a power brake to lower the output while retaining your tone. We install a parallel loop into this beast, but this can be done as a more traditional serial loop by request. A couple of unique features include BOOST+ channel, which is basically a 3rd channel providing more distortion - switchable by the included footswitch, and JUMP - a second master volume, a useful feature for solos while playing in smaller venues with an unknown sound engineer. The amp also comes with a custom slip cover. Price for this package is currently $2,800.

The new mini amp is coming

Tempest - 50W Tube Head

The prototype sounds amazing. It has many switchable tonal options, and packs enough power for most venues.

Amp development

We are working very hard on a custom tube amp model line with Rozdall Amplification. New models coming in summer 2021.

First tube pedal near the finish line

Busty Driver

The enclosure design is on the way, and it looks slick.

Pedal development

Meddling into pedaling

Yes, we're working on some pedals. The first prototype of a tube-driven Boost/Overdrive pedal passed QC. It will be out soon.

New Website

The new website is up!