Do you like hand-made unique guitars? You are in the right place. At Perpetrators Of Sound, we believe in originality. Our speciality is creating instruments that we like to play and look at. Our staple creation includes designs featuring tops made of cigar boxes. How does it affect the tone, you may ask? You might not be suddenly a smoking fast player, but you will certainly turn heads. The bodies and necks are made from proven, high quality woods such as basswood, swamp ash, and maple, which really provide the driving force behind the tone. In addition, we use great hardware, and world-class pickups, mostly hand-wound by Rob Timmons at Arcane, Inc. We understand that when it comes to a guitar selection, you have nearly unlimited possibilities. But if you want a great guitar with a truly unique look, P.O.S. might just be the right choice for you.

Some guitars are available for sale immediately, but we can custom make an instrument that you want - you can be a part of the design process, just tell us what you desire.

Finished models are available directly from us, or at Impulse Music Company in Canyon Country, CA. Drop us a line, we can custom make your dream instrument.



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