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Rudolf Rozdalovsky has been modifying, building, and designing tube circuits for over 40 years. In his native Czechoslovakia, you couldn’t just buy a Marshall, unless you were part of a select group of government-sanctioned musicians playing a repertoire approved by the communist regime – so, why not make your own equipment?

From building Plexi clones, and adding dirt channels to clean amps to designing his own circuits, Rudolf has come a long way since the 1980s. A dream created from necessity has blossomed into a prestigious boutique amp company under the Rozdall name. The master has been delivering his amplifiers to enthusiasts and professionals alike for decades. Messiah Guitars is proud to collaborate on the development of a new line of models for the American market.

Many guitarists struggle with finding the right tone. Our mission is to bring you the sound you’re looking for from rich clean tones to a wide variety of distortion. Our amplifiers feature an array of switches offering infinite tonal options. JUMP is a unique feature that gives you a little extra volume when your sound mixer snoozes.

Inspired by classic British amplifiers and their modern counterparts, we strive to improve on the classic sounds that everyone loves. Each amplifier is hand-built using only the best parts available. All transformers are wound in house using vintage, stable combs aged for over 40 years. We use hand-picked JJ tubes carrying on a century-long Tesla factory tube manufacturing legacy. Many parts in our circuits include components from our vast cache of new-old stock parts that you will not find anywhere else.

The Tempest amplifier offers a wide range of possibilities from vintage tones to modern sounds with many tonal possibilities. With separate treble, middle, and bass corrections per channel and additional switching, you can dial in the flavour that’s right for you.

With a chassis footprint of around 18”x10”, the Tempest is a more nimble version of the Messiah Deliverance 4-channel 100W head, but in a more compact classic package that can sit comfortably on our 1x12” straight or slanted boxes as well as on many cabinets from a variety of other manufacturers. Every single amplifier is hand-built by Mr. Rozdalovsky in The Czech Republic, which gives you the unique opportunity to own a true boutique piece of equipment. Our strength is in quality, not quantity.

Our amps are made to order. A 50W head with EL34s or 6L6s in the power amp section starts at $2,800 including a smart footswitch and a custom slip cover.

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