April 7, 2023

A year in the making

I am honored to announce that after a year of developing, a new pedal that is finally ready! I have worked closely with an excellent guitarist and a friend Eddie Haddad on his signature drive pedal. Stay tuned for release information.

EDDIE BOOSTDRIVE is a dual pedal containing two separate effects – a one knob MOSFET booster, and a soft-clipped drive pedal with a 3-band EQ. The pedal also features a mode switch allowing a selection of wither silicon diode clipping for a traditional compressed overdrive and LED clipping for a more open, amp-like tone. The drive section also offers a tight switch, that eliminates some of the bottom end from the input signal to help you cut through the mix. More headroom is provided by an internal charge pump that runs the pedal at 18V, while being powered by a standard 9V pedal power supply. The EQ alone lets the drive emulate many sounds reminiscent of other favored overdrive pedals. The booster is a straight through, transparent booster that works great on its own. Since it’s placed before the drive in the chain, using it at the same time as the drive can bring the drive to a moderately heavy distortion territory. The foot switches are illuminated to let you know when your effects are on. In addition, the drive switch will change illumination color according to which mode is selected. The pedal is a true bypass, using a pair of optocouplers to isolate the LED lights for a switch click reduction.

Although this pedal can’t guarantee that you will become a better guitar player, it will surely maje the process more fun!

WARNING: I can’t stress this enough: The pedal has an internal, sensitive circuitry to run it on 18V. All you have to do is to plug in any standard 9VDC power supply to run it. In fact, if you decide to plug on a higher voltage source, it will cause permanent damage that we are not responsible for.

Here is a peek at Eddie’s pedigree, so you can be assured that this drive has been endorsed by a venerable player:

Eddie Haddad is a professional performing and session guitarist of nearly two decades. He has toured across the US and internationally, sharing the stage with the late, legendary artist Eddie Money, performing alongside the likes of Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Hank Williams Jr, Modern English, Flock of Seagulls and more.

He has recorded in iconic studios as a session guitarist, performed on national television and appeared on multiple TV shows. In addition to playing professionally, he has 15+ years of teaching guitar, and is currently an instructor of the Guitar Mastery Method online community.

Eddie is also a self-professed gear addict, always sharing his enthusiasm for finding ways to shape and improve guitar tone whether playing live or in the studio.

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