Quiggly Octofuzz


Quiggly is a vintage style silicon octave fuzz pedal based on the 1970s Tychobrahe Octavia. With a foot-switchable octave and input attenuator, it produces a considerable amount of fuzz with a very low noise floor. Use as an octave fuzz, or turn the octave off for a rich, woolly fuzz.

Who says that a transformer based octofuzz can’t track well below the 7th thread? Quiggly might surprise you. And with the choke and boost turned down, you can get some mellow overdrive tones. On top of this, the pedal won’t add much background noise to your board. In fact, it might filter out some of the preceding hum you might have.

Unlike the vintage predecessors of this effect, this circuitry is adapted to work on a negative ground power supply. That means that It will not interfere with other pedals even if connected to a pedal power supply along with other pedals.

This version accepts a battery (not included) as well as a standard center negative 9V pedal power supply. To preserve the battery when the pedal is not on use, unplug the input cable. Plugging in a power supply will automatically disconnect the battery even if the input is plugged in.

The pedal is true bypass.

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Note: The octaver is a switchable feature of the fuzz, it does not work as a stand alone octaver (although, the octave feature can be preselected prior to engaging the fuzz).


The effect features three rotary controls, and two lighted foot switches.

The left FOOT SWITCH activates the fuzz (lights up purple), and the right FOOT SWITCH adds the octaver (lights up red).

CHOKE is an input attenuator that works similarly to the guitar volume. Preset a level of attenuation that best works with your particular guitar. You can still use the guitar volume to change the dynamics of the fuzz.

BOOST sets the amount of fuzz. Similarly to other fuzzes, boost works in conjunction with choke and level to fine tune the character of the fuzz.

LEVEL sets the overall volume, but can also affect the overall character of the fuzz.


Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
Pedal Weight

11.2oz (320g)

Pedal Dimensions

4.8 x 2.65 x 2.35" (122 x 67 x 60mm )


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