Our Artists

Our Artists

Eddie Haddad - Touring/Session Guitarist (Eddie Money, Craig Campbell, George Ducas, Martin McDaniel)

Eddie Boostdrive

“I believe that guitar tone is like an extension of your own voice, and the BoostDrive has effectively become the only sound I wanna communicate with. I literally can’t gig without it. It’s on every board I have and will be on every future board. It inspires me to be a better, more expressive player.”

Jax Hollow - (Solo artist)

Eddie Boostdrive

"I LOVE the Eddie BoostDrive pedal! It's got the perfect crunch and digging definition needed to fatten up your tone - plus I'm a fan of the super clean boost - two pedals in one taking up half of the real estate on your pedalboard."

Alex North - (Uncle Kracker/Anthony Orio)

Eddie Boostdrive

“The BoostDrive is easily the most versatile overdrive pedal on any of my pedalboards, and the perfect desert island option for any guitar player, from tube screamer to Klon to distortion and fuzz like tones it does it all”

Doug Doppler - (Solo artist)

Eddie Boostdrive

"The Eddie Boostdrive is the perfect pedal. It sits at that sweet spot between overdrive and distortion that gives you enough special sauce to make a clean channel dirty without losing the definition you need to make notes vocal. I took my Mesa-Boogie Mark V 25 on a recent run of shows, and the Eddie pedal added a glorious second gain stage that I used a LOT every night. #FavoritePedal" - Doug Doppler

Hannah Hughes - (Singer/ Songwriter and Guitarist)

Dandelion Fuzzdrive

“The Dandelion pedal has the best, most quintessential fuzz out of any effects pedal I’ve used. This will pair perfectly with my catchy indie rock melodies on my upcoming album. You can never have too much fuzz!! So excited to play this live!”

Pat Pollifrone - Solo Artist (Miller Holler)

 Eddie Boostdrive

“The Eddie BoostDrive is one of the most versatile pedals I have and is a constant in my arsenal. It is my go to pedal for anything from country, to rock, to blues, and all things in between. Never leave for a gig without it.”

Loren Molinare - (Guitarist - TheDoGs/Detroit, Little Caesar, Cruzados, Slamdinistas)

Dandelion Fuzzdrive

“The Messiah “Dandelion” pedal delivers a two-fisted approach for me. With the gain set at 9 o’clock it’s the perfect way to gas the front end of any amp for a little more punch while still retaining clarity + shimmer. And it slides into a creamy mid-60’s Yardbirds Fuzz-a-Delia with just cranking up the gain to get to a garage rock heaven.”

Petr Job - (Guitarist, Najust!)

Guitar - Agent Orange T-50 Custom & Dandelion Fuzzdrive

"Originally, I intended to use this Messiah guitar as a home practice instrument. Play some blues, I thought. Long story short - it's my #1 guitar now! It's comfortable to play, and the pickups are in perfect harmony with my tube amplifier. During sound checks, it conjures smiles on the faces of even the most disgruntled sound engineers.

Dandelion adds a luxurious ingredient to my board. It’s like a cherry on the pie. I don’t use it for every song - but it’s very useful for solos that I need to emphasize and make more special. Thanks to its traditional, analog technology, the pedal reproduces a perfect 60’s tone. In conjunction with a tube amp, it serves as a perfect volume boost. “

Cameron Fritz - (Producer/musician)

Quiggly Octofuzz

"Tom has taken another level of care in the creation of the entire Messiah line-up. The Quiggly is my go-to for bass fuzz. From ferocious sputtering velcro to a consistent buzzsaw, it's got it all. I also love that I can place it anywhere in my pedal chain, and that the LED indicators are gentle on the eyes!"

Rob Miller - Solo Artist (Love and Theft, Tom Yankton, Dan Smalley)

Eddie Boostdrive

“I use the f@&k outta this pedal!”

Lindon McCarty - Touring/Session Guitarist and Producer (Sean Stemaly/Brian Callihan)

Eddie Boostdrive

“The Eddie BoostDrive is such a dynamic tool. It lives on my board because I can get great tone out of it in any application from pushing my amp to breakup, to cutting thru a mix for lead, even to bring some life to a bass signal. The Eddie is made up of nothing but sweet spots!”

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